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Pro Makeup brushes Eyeshadow detail eye make up brush Concealer highlight smudge crease blending shadow eyebrow liner Lip

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S series Makeup brush

#10 (Goat hair) Length :19.1cm Hair : 2cm

#11 Pro Smudge (Pony hair) Length:17.6cm Hair :0.6cm

#12 Pro Allover Shadow (Pony hair) Length:18.3cm Hair :1.5cm

#13 Pro Angled Shadow (Pony hair) Length:18.2cm Hair :1.3cm

#14 Pro Shadow (Pony hair) Length:18.3cm Hair :1.3cm

#15 Pro Small Shadow (Pony hair) Length:17.6cm Hair :1cm

#16 Pro Domed Crease (Pony hair) Length:18.3cm Hair :1.2cm

#18 Pro Shader (Pony hair) Length:16.2cm Hair :0.7cm

#19 Pro Tapered Crease (Goat hair) Length:19cm Hair :1.8cm

#20 Pro Brow (Dog hair) Length:17.7cm Hair :0.7cm

#22 Pro Angled Liner (Synthetic hair) Length:17.6cm Hair :0.8cm

#24 Pro Smoky Liner (Synthetic hair) Length:18cm Hair :1cm

#26 Pro Gel Liner (Synthetic hair) Length:17.4cm Hair :0.65cm

#27 Pro Blending (Goat hair) Length:18.4cm Hair :1.8cm

#28 Pro Cream Shadow (Synthetic hair) Length:18.3cm Hair :1.3cm

#29 Pro Precision Smudge (Pony hair) Length:17.6cm Hair :1cm

#30 Pro Airbrush shadow (Synthetic hair) Length:18.5cm Hair :1.3cm

#31 Pro Airbrush Crease (Synthetic hair) Length:18.9cm Hair :1.9cm

#32 Pro Tightline Liner (Synthetic hair) Length:17cm Hair :0.4cm

#33 Pro Tapered Liner (Synthetic hair) Length:17.5cm Hair :0.7cm

#36 Pro Brow Contour (Synthetic hair) Length:17.8cm Hair :0.5cm

#45 Pro Precision Concealer (Synthetic hair) Length:17.5cm Hair :1.5cm

#52 Pro Stippling Concealer (Synthetic hair) Length:17.7cm Hair :1.7cm

#80 Pro Contour highlight (Synthetic hair) Length:18.8cm Hair :1.7cm

#81 Pro Lip (Synthetic hair) Length:17.5cm Hair :1cm

#84 Pro Angled Lip (Synthetic hair) Length:17.7cm Hair :1cm

#93 Pro Featherweight blending (Synthetic hair) Length:21.6cm Hair :5cm

#98 Pro highlight (Pony hair) Length:19.8cm Hair :2.8cm

#57 Pro Airbrush Concealer (Synthetic hair) Length:18.8cm Hair :2cm

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