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Makeup Professional Eyelash Tweezers 3D Volume Eyelash Extension Tweezer Fan Lash Eyebrow Tweezers VETUS Excellent Closure

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Product information

Vetus dedicated on tweezers production since 1996,which worth you to believe in.
Vetus tweezers have some characteristics: ultra precise, high accuracy,anti-magnetic, anti-acid, superhard but elastic

Specification: ST ,CS, SA, JP,3D
Material: Special stainless steel material 302
1. can replace the imported high quality tweezers from Switzerland, Japan,Germany and United States.
2. selection of special stainless steel materials.
3. non-magnetic,super-hard( HRC45 well-resistant,anti-acid ).
4. different feelings in the process and appearance,the fine tip of the head, and can hold a 0.01mm object,and durable and not easily deformed.
5. Exquisite packaging.

Application: cosmetic,electronics,watches,jewelry,chemicals,laboratory,high-tech digital cameras,mobile phones,medical and so on.
Sales: 1 piece /lot

Tips : If the tweezer you want can not be chosen, please leave a message about the target tweezers you want .

100% Vetus Original

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