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BEILI Black 15Pcs Makeup brushes Natural Goat Pony hair Eye shadow Blending Eyeliner Eyebrow Smokey shade brush set

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BEILI Classic Black 15pcs brush set

This 15pcs set have different shapes and sizes for pro makeup.Eye Blending brushes are made from natural goat hair,can apply amazing blending. Brushes for eyeliner/eyebrows are suitable for drawing fine lines. If you need a professional eye makeup brush set, please purchase this one set without hesitate.

There are 2 options in this link:

*Only brushes(with logo)–Box packing

*Brushes without logo –NO LOGO,No box,plastic bag packing

Steps to clean the natural hair brushes:

1.Wet the bristles with warm water. (below 40℃)
2.Place a drop of makeup brush cleanser
3.Gently massage the tips of the bristles in your palm.
4.Rinse the bristles.
5.Squeeze out the excess moisture with a clean towel.
6.Reshape and let it dry upside down
7.Please avoid touching the water directly with the wooden handle during the whole cleaning

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